Bachelor's Program in Business Information Systems (BIS)

Effective and efficient usage of information and communication technologies has become main factor for achieving competitive advantage of businesses. In addition, it helps to fulfill distinction in governmental units and non-profit institutions, particularly service institutions. The program focuses on usage of information technology in modeling and solving business problems of all kinds whether related to administration, marketing, accounting or production. The program aims to prepare a graduate who has skills of leading communications at all levels for solving problems. Moreover, the program helps the student to understand needs of programs engineering, business managers and users of information. Business information systems as an area of study are related to development, management and usage of information and communication technologies.

Significance of the Program
Why do we study the specialization of business information systems?
The program offers a comprehensive background in commercial fields and qualifies a student for practicing a profession related to information and communication technology. In addition to basic background on commercial sciences, a scholar studies other fields such as developing programs, applying ready software packages, as well as analyzing, designing, development and managing computer applications in different businesses. Hence, a scholar who studied the program is qualified to work as a developer, business process analyst, application specialist, data modeler, teacher in the field of communication technology and information, systems' analyst and software evaluator and compliance tester.

The program focuses on the best practices in administration of business processes, administration of information technology and communication projects, information systems administration in business, strategies and testing of business information systems. All those areas use different applications in the field of activities practiced by accounting, marketing, production, financing and administrative institution.

Scientific Degree and Acceptance in the Program
Based on a request from Council of Faculty of Commerce, Tanta University grants the Bachelor's degree in Commerce in the division of Business Information Systems. The program accepts new students enrolled in the first year who gained General Secondary Certificate or an equivalent one according to conditions and rules suggested by the executive supervision committee of the program and ratified by the higher supervision committee.

Structure and Components of the Program
- The program adopts the system of accredited hours.
- Study of the program is in English with the option of studying some curricula in Arabic such as the curriculum of human rights and law (according to a suggestion of the supervision committee regarding the program that is approved by Faculty Council) provided that the number of those curricula is no more than 4, i.e. less than 10% out of the total number of curricula.

- The program adopts the system of accredited hours. A student gets the Bachelor's degree in Business Information Systems when he or she completes successfully studying 129 accredited hours according to the following division:
? General university culture curricula (that equal 24 accredited hours)
? Common commercial background curricula (that equal 54 accredited hours)
? Curricula in major (that equal 45 accredited hours)
? An applied research (project) for graduation (that equals 6 accredited hours. This research is in area of specialization.