Dean's Word

Dear sons and daughtersů

At the beginning of your academic life, it is my pleasure to welcome you at Faculty of Commerce at Tanta University that is one of the most glorious faculties specialized in the field of accounting, administration, statistics and economy. Faculty of Commerce at Tanta University has graduated many alumni for about three decades who are now pillars of national economy in Egypt and Arab countries. We wish that you will achieve progress in your study so that you can be pillars of national economy. I remind you with the importance of science as well as righteous behavior and good ethics as they are considered the support of superiority and pioneering in financial and administrative fields. Our community now is in critical need for alumni with high degree of distinction to elevate it and develop its resources. We count on you for gaining knowledge and acquiring skills so that you can be bolsters of national economy in the future. To fulfill this noble aim, the Faculty provided you with all educational facilities such as classrooms and labs of computer and language. We always seek to keep official and non-official channels of contact open for you. Hopefully, Allah will protect you and guide you on the path of science and righteousness.

Prof. Adel Abdel Fattah Mustafa Al-Meihy
Faculty Acting Dean