Community Services and Environmental Development


The department seeks to achieve a distinguished position by providing the best academic atmosphere for teaching, learning, scientific research and community service. The department also seeks for the society's appreciation by ensuring leadership and excellence in the fields of social and environmental awareness. Also, it seeks for leadership in education, training and counseling.


The Department works through its units to provide a unique community and environmental service that receives the satisfaction of the university and the different community institutions. The sector seeks to activate the activities of community service and environmental development through:
Preparing qualified cadres of Faculty graduates for the needs of the labor market.
Enhancing the educational process and practical experience of students and graduates by providing the training integrated and distinct services and high quality.
Providing advisory services that are accepted by business organizations and surrounding community institutions.
Contributing to developing society and the surrounding environment.
Contributing to solving societal issues through research, studies and opinion surveys based on innovation and creativity.


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