Statistics and Mathematics,insurance Department

This Department is based on providing the University students with skills to deal with quantitative information related to all different fields and focusing on financial and commercial fields through studying specialized courses in the fields of Statistics and Mathematics like Mathematics of Business, Applied Statistics, Mathematics of Finance and Insurance. Moreover, this department is interested in providing students with computer skills in general and focusing on programs related to the commercial field.
The Department started with the Postgraduate Studies to prepare courses that participate in upgrading the graduate's efficiency. In the current stage, it is preparing postgraduate studies programs that grant specialized professional degrees. Further, the department provides his consult services in the field of Community Service. Furthermore, it provides many courses and workshops of specialized computer skills.


The department aims to graduate an innovative graduate able to collect, summarize, represent and find conclusions out of the available data trying to overcome data problems in all different fields to be able to compete locally, regionally and globally.


The department seeks to be distinguished through graduating qualified cadres provided with knowledge, skills and required abilities to cope with the needs of labor market through contributing to developing human knowledge and benefiting from it in different administrative problems through doing developed scientific research in the fields of statistics and insurance. Moreover, it contributes to solving administrative problems that might face the business and governmental sectors through doing research and applied studies that different fields of production and services need on the local level.

The Department of Statistics, Mathematics and Insurance aspires to achieve a number of objectives,the most prominent of them are:
1. The department's mission copes with the Faculty's mission in preparing highly specialized cadres in the field of Statistics, Mathematics and Insurance able to compete in the labor market on the regional and national levels.
2. Granting the bachelor, master and PhD degrees in Statistics, Mathematics and Insurance, in addition to diplomas in Applied Statistics and Insurance.
3. Preparing a specialized graduate well trained on modern statistics and qualified to use the computer and different statistic programs in order to work in statistic units in different governmental and private institutions.
4. Spreading statistic awareness through holding conferences and participating in holding training courses and seminars.
5. Participating in serving other departments at the Faculty, serving community and developing the environment through statistic advisory and training courses provided by the academic staff
6. Participating in serving the other faculties inside and outside the University through the secondment of the academic staff
7. Participating in serving some other universities on the level of the Arab Nation through secondment of the academic staff
8. Providing Postgraduate Studies Curricula in the department with a distinguished staff to follow up study after graduation in the theoretical and application fields
9. Providing courses and statistic advisory to private and governmental institutions
10. Participation of students in performing economic feasibility studies of projects which are submitted to the department to acquire them experience and knowledge in this field.
11. Implementing specialized training courses in the fields of Statistics, Mathematics and Insurance in all educational sectors on local and regional sectors.
12. Training on using modern techniques to achieve obtaining information on local and international levels.
13. Preparing curricula for scientific departments, institutions and faculties and for diploma, bachelor, master and PhD degrees.
14. Developing Postgraduate studies to serve our country in all different statistic fields and research.
15. Continuous research for affiliated students to prepare specialized statistic studies and research and focus on applied research to provide scientific solutions for problems in addition to writing and translating scientific books
16. Preparing highly qualified scientific frameworks through master and PhD programs to benefit from them in the educational and research fields at universities and institutions.
17. Providing advisory in the field of specialization.