Papers Required for Joining Postgraduate Studies

(4) Copies of postgraduate studies joining form. (Available at faculties) .
(4) Opinion poll forms. (Available at faculties) .
(4) Information forms. (Available at faculties) .
(1) Original Higher Education Certificate the students gained.
Ratified and certified original university qualifications that the student gained.
A copy of the passport.
(6) Personal photos of the student.
Ratification by the students that he is resident inside the country for the period determined by University Council.
A list of the subjects he studied during the period of study.
Approval from the embassy the student is affiliated to in Cairo.
A certificate of the Egyptian Ministry of Health informing that the student is not infected with AIDS. This approval is submitted after the approval of the Incoming Students.
An equivalence certificate of qualifications gained by the students and payment of fees and charges (except for the first university degree).
Filling in the information form on the electronic site of Incoming Students General Administration.


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