Historic Overview

The Republican Decree No. 1069 of 1973 was issued to establish Tanta Faculty of Commerce which started with the former Higher Commercial Institute in Tanta.

The Faculty overlooks Saíeed St. from the west and El-Helw St. from the east. It includes a number of buildings and establishments:

1. The old administrative building, overlooking Saíeed St. It includes the Language Center currently.
2. The main auditorium building which includes auditoriums No. 2 and 3, the Computer Center, Education and Student Affairs Department, Language Division, and the Library.
3. Auditorium 1 building
4. The Middle Building which includes English Language Division on the second floor, Youth Welfare Department and the treasury
5. The background building for sections. It overlooks El-Helw St.
6. The new administrative and educational building. It overlooks El-Helw St. and includes Faculty Administration, Faculty Council, Legal Affairs Department, scientific research rooms, seminar rooms and academic staff offices.
7. A mosque, warehouse building, and toilets.
8. The exams building which is under construction.
9. Sports facilities.

The Faculty includes four scientific departments:

1. Accounting Department
2. Business Administration Department
3. Economy and Public Finance Department
4. Statistics, Mathematics and Insurance Department

The Faculty grants the Bachelorís, the Masterís and the Ph.D. degrees in one of the following specializations:

1) Accounting
2) Business Administration
3) Economy and Public Finance
4) Applied Statistics

In November 7th, 1990, the Supreme Council of Universities approved to establish a branch for the Faculty in Kafr El-Sheikh. Admission to the branch started in academic year, 1995/1996 according to the coordination office.

The English Division was inaugurated in the academic year, 1995/1996 for students who obtained the General Secondary Certificate in the same year. Students are accepted through the internal coordination.

The branch of the faculty in Kafr El-Sheikh separated from Tanta University to affiliate to Kafr El-Sheikh University.

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