Faculty's Administrative Apparatus

Faculty's Administrative Apparatus


Mr. Sheriff Ar'fat Abdel Halim

Secretariat General of the Faculty

Dr. Naglaa Fekry Ahmed Badawy

Director General of Youth Welfare

Mrs. Nevin Samir Mustafa

Director General of Accounts

Mrs. Amany Mohammed Mohammed Al Morsy

Director of the Library Department

Mr. Mohammed Sobhy Al Shemy

Director of Postgraduate Studies Department

Mr. Osama Hamdy Malak

Head of Academic Staff Affairs

Mr. Mohammed Abdel Barea Mehanna

Director General of Secretariat of Faculty Council

Mr. Mahmoud Adham Al Sayyed

Director of Student Affairs Department

Mr. Hossam Addin Abdel Baset Al Naggar

Director of Administrative Affairs Department

Mr. Mohammed Mosaad Al Dahy

Director of Faculty Dean's Office

Mrs. Radwa Ahmed AL Shaikh

Head of Entitlements Department

Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Gamil

Manager of the Secretariat of Faculty Dean's office

Mr. Fady Maher Amer

Supervisor of Legal Department

Mr. Mohammed Abdel Majid Fuda

Head of Engineering Affairs Department

Mrs. Azza Salah Addin Sharshar

Head of Cultural Affairs Department

Mrs. Mervat Mohammed Abdel Rahim

Head of Public Service Center

Mr. Saad Talaat Al Barry

Head of Education Affairs Department

Mrs. Heba Al Sayyed Al Attar

Head of Treasury Department

Mrs. Hanim Hussein Ibrahim

Director of Financial Affairs Department

Mrs. Thanaa Abu Al Yazid Tealab

Head of Human Resources Department

Mrs. Karima Abdel Sattar Khattab

Head of Archive Department

Mrs. Elham Ibrahim Al Desouqy

Manager of the IT Unit

Mrs. Nashwa Abu AL Enin Abdel Wahhab

Head of the BIS Labs

Mrs. Mary Matar Al Qomos

Head of Agricultural Engineering Department

Mr. Sobhi Mahmoud Ahmed Abdelghani

Head of General Affairs Department

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