Dean's Speech

Dear Students,

It's my pleasure to congratulate you on the new academic year, 2020\2021. It's a great honor to welcome you to your Faculty supplicating to Allah to help you during your academic study and receive the new academic year with open minds and loving hearts.
The University is a free platform for democratic dialogue, substantive discussion and correct understanding for all scientific foundations. Further, it is the deep relation between the student and the professor, which starts at auditoriums and research halls. Furthermore, you will find the academic staff at the Faculty helpful. They listen to your suggestions and opinions during lectures and seminars.
Students who wish to gain scientific knowledge, experience and reading will find the library of the Faculty wide open with its multiple departments all to serve students to work on solving all obstacles and help them devote themselves to scientific study. In addition, they can satisfy their various desires at Youth Welfare at the Faculty and University.
Finally, I wish you all success and dazzling excellence to participate in the progress of our precious country.

                                                                                                                       Faculty Dean,
                                                                                                           Prof. Hani Mustafa Al Shami

Prof. Hany Mustafa Hassan El Shamy
Faculty Acting Dean


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