Student Union

It is the body, through which students practice various activities (sports, cultural, artistic, social, scout and public service, student families, scientific and technological committee). Each committee is formed annually with the leadership of one of the academic staff and the membership of two students from each class elected annually by students through secret voting. Each committee elects a secretary from the members. Student Union Council is formed with the leadership of Faculty Dean or a representative from the academic staff and the membership of:
• Leaders of committees of the Union Council from the academic staff
• Manager of coaching staff of youth welfare at the Faculty
• Secretaries of the Union Council from the Faculty. One Secretary is elected from students

Objectives of Student Union:

• Developing the spiritual values and ethics to increase national awareness among students
• Accustom students on proper leadership and how to practice it
• Spreading true University spirit among students
• Discovering students' talents, shaping and encouraging them
• Encouraging forming student families
• Organizing different activities to benefit from the power of students in serving the society

Conditions of Nomination to the Membership of Student Union Council Committees

• To be Egyptian
• To be well known as a modest person with good ethics and morals
• To be a new regular student in his class and not repeating the year
• To pay the tuition fees of the union
• To be one of those who have remarkable activities in the committee in which he is nominated
• He should not have been previously convicted of a restrictive punishment or has been decided to drop or suspend his membership at one of the student union committees

Student Union Committees

Cultural Activity Committee:
• It works on encouraging artistic and cultural powers, holding cultural competitions and symposiums… etc.
• Discovering the students' talents, developing them and holding artistic exhibitions and parties to discover students' talents and encouraging them
Social Activity and Trips Committee
• It works on developing social relations among students and between students and academic staff, holding social competitions and organizing social camps and trips.
Scientific and Technological Committee
• It holds seminars and symposiums to help students cope with technology.
• It also organizes scientific trips.
Scout and Public Service Committee
• Practicing scout activities
• Implementing environment service programs
• Participating in public service camps which are organized by Public Administration of Youth Welfare at the University

Student Families

A student family is a group of students surround their leader whom they consider the father of this family in order to practice sports, cultural, social and literary activities.

Steps of Forming the Family

1. The leader of the family submits a request to Families Committee at the Student Union mentioning the name of the family.
2. A statement of forming the committee.
3. Mentioning the objectives of the family.
4. A plan explaining the family's activity around the year.
5. The file is ratified by the leader of the family and the leader of the Families Committee. The file then is submitted to Youth Welfare Administration at the Faculty.
6. The family shall not practice its activity before being ratified by Faculty Dean and University Vice President.