Services Offered by Youth Welfare to Faculty Students

Social subsidies disbursed to Faculty regular and affiliated students as follows:
1- Subsidies for regular students from Social Solidarity Fund at the Faculty: A sum of 161400 EGP was distributed to 1584 students during the academic year 2009-2010 .
2- Subsidies for affiliated students from the 5 % allocated for affiliation system.

3- Students' treatment: Sending patients of students to the Medical Administration at the Faculties Campus in Sperpay, following their treatment and taking the financial and administrative procedures of special cases. Treatment is either inside Mubarak Hospital or outside the University as Naser Institute, Ain Shams Private Hospital, Alexandria University Hospital, Mansoura Urology and Nephrology Center, National Cancer Institute, etc.

4- Clearance to graduated students.
5-Extracting nutrition cards for students from outside Tanta


Scout and Public Services Committee

Activities of this committee are practiced through a plan applied before the beginning of the academic year. These activities include public service camp, reception camp, preparing and choosing the members of the scout camp, preparing and participating in camp for the commercial course of Faculties of Commerce at all Egyptian Universities.

Sport Committee

Activities of this committee are practiced in the campus of open courts which was established by the Faculty. In addition to the tennis court, there is a compound court for handball, basketball and volleyball. The compound includes two courts for futsal. These courts have been equipped with auditoriums, gates and an iron fence. The courts have also been equipped with required illumination. In addition, there is a gym equipped with the latest sports devices of weight lifting, body building and fitness. The gym is provided with bathrooms, ventilation and artificial illumination to be used in the evening.

Social and Trips Committee

It includes the social activity such as chess competition, ideal male student and ideal female student competition, blood donation campaigns in addition to different cultural trips .

Cultural Committee

ē Holy Quran and Hadith competition.

ē Short story, poetry and wall magazine competition

ē Religious and cultural symposiums

ē Participation in cultural competitions of the University and the Supreme Council of Universities

 Artistic Committee

It aims to develop students' talents and demonstrate youth's capabilities who like different kinds of theatrical arts:

1- Participating of theatrical team in the summer theater forum

2- Participating in Universities' Youth Gathering

3- Holding exhibitions and competitions of fine arts

 4- Participating in different competitions at the level of the University and the level of all Egyptian Universities.

 Families Committee

Through its annual activity, the committee aims to achieve many objectives such as development of brotherhood spirit and correlation among students in addition to holding festivals, sports competitions and cultural and sport tournament of groups that are organized by Youth Welfare Administration at the University. All of these facilities are considered enough to practice different student activities. These activities resulted in gaining a number of prizes at various competitions.

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